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Custom wheels are the best way to get a strong, light weight and easily serviceable wheelset designed around your needs. A hand built wheel
by an experienced builder will serve you well for many years and, unlike many of
the "wheel-systems" on the market today, parts can be replaced as needed without
having to replace the wheel. With over 15 years of wheel building experience, I
will be happy consult with you on your wheels or to build your wheels using any Hub/Rim/Spoke/Nipple combination you like. 


My recommendations:

Over the years I have built wheels using just about every hub and rim you can imagine.  The following recommendations are meant to minimize your cost while maximizing the durability and serviceability of the wheels.  


I often recommend wheels built with Shimano hubs due to their durability and the ease of finding replacement parts. I recommend Velocity rims because of their combination of durability and light weight. Velocity makes a great selection of rims to match any riding style and in several different colors. I prefer to use Wheelsmith double butted (2.0/1.7) or DT Swiss double butted (2.0/1.8) spokes to minimize weight while maximizing the strength of my builds. Recommended spoke count will range from 28-36 spokes per wheel depending on your size, riding style, and rim choice, but for most riders 32 spokes per wheel is ideal.  I prefer using brass nipples. They are stronger than alloy nipples, less expensive, and only add 20 grams for a 32 spoke wheel. Brass nipples do have a limited color selection (silver and black) so, if you want to save that 20 grams and get your red nipples, alloy is the way to go. 


Whether from scratch or using your existing hubs, I will custom build your wheels
 to best suit your size and riding style. Please let me know what your needs
 are and I will work with you to build a durable and cost effective wheel set
that will serve you well for years to come.

Contact Us for More Information!

Velocity Deep-V/105 Wheelset Price: 399.99 One of my signature wheelsets, hand-built to order, these wheels have been my most popular choice for larger riders and are a great choice for any road or cross riders who want a fast and durable wheel set for a reasonable price. (prices are subject to change) 

Wheelset Specifications
Wheel Size: 700C
Rims: Velocity Deep-V Clincher 30mm Deep 32H Black Machined Sidewalls
Hubs: Shimano 105 5700 32H Black
Cassette Body: Shimano Compatible
Spokes: Wheelsmith 14 Gauge Double Butted (2.0/1.7mm)Stainless Black
Nipples: Wheelsmith Brass in Black

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